The world is changing, and so is your business. In such extraordinary times, we know that finding a good financial solution for each unique situation is a must. Together, let's explore what options are best for you. Whether it's working capital or equipment financing, Amadeo Global may be able to help!
Need extra funding for your business ?
Working capital financing is a short-term loan, with terms that meet your needs, that can be used for just about anything your business requires to keep moving forward.
Need equipment financing for your business?
Having the right equipment is essential to the success of your business. Equipment financing is a great option, loaded with benefits, to get the equipment you need to move your business forward.
A vendor in need of equipment financing for your customer?
Our dedicated team can provide solutions that will help you sell more equipment, maintain profit margins, and allow your customers to get the equipment they need to run their business.
Over 190,000 business funding transactions supported with over $8 billion in working capital
  • Santiago Stacey
    Co-Founder & CEO of
    "A smooth process of due diligence where Amadeo's team analyzed in depth our business operations in order to provide both solutions and a roadmap for the growth of the company."
  • Tina Hedges
    Founder & CEO of
    " Amadeo's approach to financing is truly addressing a white space in the start-up ecosystem. For a founder to have access to non-dilutive, non-predatory growth capital and inventory financing is already a rarity."

  • Dimitri Grigorovich
    Founder & CEO of
    "Revenue-based financing, working capital and loans have all been a good experience from both the due diligence and the transaction side. Amadeo's team is remarkably experienced and knowledgeable, being a great source of advice since our first engagement."
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