Food & Beverage + Supplements
combines raw honey with superfoods using a proprietary blending system.

BBy is a Peer-to-Peer service that connects nursing mothers with parents who need breast milk for their infants.

LIvekuna is a manufacturer and distributor snacks, cereals and powders made from superfoods.
Claridream leverages natural ingredients to bring peaceful and deep sleep to our daily lives.

Affordable luxury fostering women empowerment through sensuality.

Solgaard enhances life on-the-go with premium gear for global citizens, while making a positive impact on the planet.

Organic feminine hygiene products with compostable and plastic-free packaging.
LOLI Beauty manufactures and delivers natural, organic blend-it-yourself beauty products for skin, hair, and body. Food-grade ingredients

Digital / Health
Pregnancy Calendar - is an indispensable tool for the expectant mother! Get detailed information on the development of your baby at each week of pregnancy.

Yosi, Inc. provides a cloud-based SaaS solutions for healthcare providers from patient registration to management services.

is pioneering science and medical backed solutions for male sexual well-being, founded on pioneering international research.
Audit, monitoring, business process and personnel management for the fulfilment industry.

The most powerful, user-friendly, and portable Handheld Backscatter X-ray Imager in the world.

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