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My name is Milana, I am 7 yo kid and I live in NYC. My mom is a VC investor who co-founded Accelerator for international startups has invested in over 100 early stage startups from all over the world. Whenever I spend my afterschool time in her Accelerator I would meet founders and ask enormous amount of questions about their technologies, devices and consumer products. Sometimes just as a good exercise for founders we would set up pitch contests and whoever would explain me their products and what they are working on in the most simple way would get a "cash" bank that the founders put together. Needless to say, being exposed to all kind of innovation that broaden my vision and mindset and taught me to dare more I wish more kids can be exposed to innovation my means of this video channel/ show and founders get a better the most honest and humble feedback and understanding the simply story that will help them expose their amazing products to Gen Z and Millennials that DEMAND a higher standard from brands and products.

If you can "sell your product" to me and explain in a super simple way- you can sell it to anybody!
Are you ready for the challenge?

We offer 2 types of formats for consumer facing products or technologies, open minded founders who dare to pitch to a kid:

1. You can apply to pitch at our Williamsburg (Brooklyn, NY) studio, we shoot 2 a month and select the most outstanding and innovative startups

2. OR you can ship us your product for review, the reviews will be uploaded to our channel for public and rated.

There is too much noise in terms of pitching and who to pitch, founders don't really know how to explain what they do in a very simple way so everybody understands even a kid. Simplicity is a king.