Tailored Financings for Growth Companies
Amadeo blends versatile capital, seamless analytics and proactive management
About us
We know that the right way to support entrepreneurs goes beyond capital and even beyond just smart capital.
We are inspired by Amadeo Giannini, the founder of Bank of Italy, whose legacy became today's Bank of America.

Amadeo was a progressive banker in the early 1900s making loans to immigrants, farmers, small businesses, women and minorities. He built the first financial institution for the "underserved communities".

By borrowing the pioneer's first name, we seek to become a supporter for those innovative but underserved entrepreneurs.
What We Do
Tailored, flexible growth capital solutions and advisory services
Growth Capital
Tailored, flexible growth capital solutions for companies founded by global and underserved entrepreneurs
Growth Guidance
Provide analytic tools and advices for more efficient and effective marketing operation, accounting, finance and capital raise.
"A smooth process of due diligence where Amadeo's team analyzed in depth our business operations in order to provide both solutions and a roadmap for the growth of the company."
Santiago Stacey
Founder of LiveKuna
From Ecuador / Canada
"Revenue-based financing, working capital and loans have all been a good experience from both the due diligence and the transaction side. Amadeo's team is remarkably experienced and knowledgeable, being a great source of advice since our first engagement."
Dimitri Grigorovich
Founder of Apiterra
From Belarus
"Amadeo's approach to financing is truly addressing a white space in the start-up ecosystem. For a founder to have access to non-dilutive, non-predatory growth capital and inventory financing is already a rarity."
Tina Hedges
Founder of LOLI Beauty
From Jamaica
"Amadeo's team has demonstrated efficiency, effectiveness, speed of response and resolution.
In addition, we have been pleasantly surprised by the advice that they provided regarding the growth of the business and the support they have offered us in order to close the deal, which has not been usual when compared to other investment experiences."

Patricia López
Founder of Myhixel
From Spain
"We have been very pleased with the level of support they have extended in addition to the working capital."
Hari Prasad
Founder of Yosi Health
From India
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